DIGI Microscope

The UM30-CSZ064 uses the same interface as the UM30, can clearly inspect or rework objects size between 2.8 mm and 18.3 mm at a fixed working distance of 82 mm, and continuous magnification up to 185 times.

Vitiny UM30-CSZ064 is plug-and-play when connected to the monitor. Fix its working distance at 82mm, and continuously zoom from 29x to 185x. It fast delivers picture to the monitor per 60 frame rate, equipped with a high-definition and high-quality 4K auto-focus camera module to make micro observation delicate and clear. Press the snapshot button to record all the time.

Apply the BackSide Illumination CMOS with highly sensitive luminance to improve imaging quality under high ISO, with convenient optical zoom mechanism, continuously zoom in magnification, freely switch to observe objects from 2.8mm to 18.3 mm, can distinguish the different depth of view for the observation, that present full resolution.

Do measurement, it can also connect to Windows PC, Android table, MAC PC via USB cable. The diverse platform satisfy User’s demand. With UM Viewer computer software, expanding Crosshairs function, auto calibration system, auto locate the edge, subsidiary magnifier and so on. They simplify measure procedure. For analysis, inspection and identification, UM30-CSZ064 supply the correct data as well as improve work efficiency.

  1. Magnification : 29x–185x on 24" Monitor
  2. Working Distance : 82 mm
  3. Field of View : 18.3–2.8 mm
  4. CMOS Sensor : 4k Ultra HD Resolution
  5. Interface of Output : 1080P Full HD & USB 2.0 & Micro SD Card Slot
  6. Focus System : IR Remote Control, Alternative Auto and Manual Focus
  7. Micro SD Card Support up to 128GB : Capture JPG
  8. Light : LED Ring Light, Brightness Adjustable
  9. C-Mount Lens
  10. Device Dimension : 66(W) x 68(D) x 255(H) mm
  11. Power Supply : DC 5V/2A , Cable Length : 180 cm

                      1. Software Function : Auto-Calibration, 2D Measurement, Image Comparison, etc.
                      2. Software Platform : Windows (7, 8, 10, 11), Mac & Android
                      3. Device Platform : Windows, Mac & Android

Item Q'ty Item Q'ty
DIGI Microscope (UM30) 1 White Balance Card 1
HDMI Cable 1 IR Remote Control 1
USB Mini Cable 1 User's Guide 1
Power Adaptor 1 Calibrator 1
Stand S114 1 CSZ064 Lens 1
Stand assemble guide 1 LED Ring Light 1
Micro SD Card Optional