DIGI Microscope

UM30 is suitable for quick inspection on the production line, which can be directly connected to the 1080P or 4K monitor, plug and play. The stand-alone machine can take snapshots, directly connecting to the computer for playback.

Vitiny UM30 is a microscope suitable for quick inspection of production lines. It can be directly connected to the screen and is plug-and-play. The stand-alone microscope can capture and save images, then directly connect it to a computer for playback to help track production quality. It also has a continuous autofocus function to improve production efficiency.

The built-in high-definition high-quality 4K autofocus camera module uses back-illuminated CMOS technology to achieve high sensitivity and improve image quality under high ISO. At the same time, the CMOS photosensitive area is larger and can fully absorb large-angle incident light. Through our optimization the lens and CMOS position matching technology greatly reduces noise and improves image edge quality and depth of field.

The standard 4x objective lens can reach 140x, and the 10x objective lens can reach 497x to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness. In addition, it can also be connected to Windows and MAC computers, Android tablets via USB transmission cables. The diversified platform meets the needs of users. Paired with the new UMViewer computer software, it has expanded more crosshairs functions, auto calibration system, auto locate the edge, subsidiary magnifier, etc. They simplify measure procedure.

UM30 wants to provide a convenient tool that is indispensable for daily R&D engineering and quality management.

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  1. Magnification : 13x–140x on 24" Monitor
  2. Working Distance : 22 mm–214 mm
  3. CMOS Sensor : 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  4. Interface of Output : 1080P Full HD & USB 2.0 & Micro SD Card Slot
  5. Focus System : IR Remote Control, Alternative Auto and Manual Focus
  6. Micro SD Card Support up to 128 GB : Capture JPG
  7. Light : Built-in 30 PCS of Wide Angle LED, Allow to Adjust the Brightness
  8. Optional 10x Lens : Magnification up to 497x
  9. Device Dimension : Ø106 x 152(H) mm
  10. Power Supply : DC 5V/2A , Cable Length : 180 cm


                      1. Software Function : Auto-Calibration, 2D Measurement, Image Comparison, etc.
                      2. Software Platform : Windows (7, 8, 10, 11), Mac & Android
                      3. Device Platform : Windows, Mac & Android

Item Q'ty Item Q'ty
DIGI Microscope (UM30) 1 White Balance Card 1
HDMI Cable 1 IR Remote Control 1
USB Mini Cable 1 User's Guide 1
Power Adaptor 1 Calibrator 1
Stand S107 1 Object Lens 4X 1
Stand assemble guide 1 Object Lens 10X Optional
Micro SD Card Optional