DIGI Microscope

Pro5 adapt the separated light source, which can be replaced by different light source, let the observation own its professional illumination, which is convenient to work and improve the clear and detailed picture.

Vitiny PRO 5 is HDMI output, plug -and – play on 1080P HDMI monitor. It can inspect 3.6mm~40mm samples conveniently,
continuous autofocus can be remotely controlled, non-contact, and repetitively checking a large number of samples.

Light source is quite important to Microscope's observation, PRO 5 adapt the separated light source, reduce light scattering which cause image reflections.

And with the new multi-functional light source auxiliary, let different observation has its own special illumination, enhance clear and detailed images as well as satisfy the need of different working distance and magnification.  

PRO 5 is moreover considerate microscope camera, small size, large use ductility, can be used together with large testing machines that raise up Customer's production efficiency.

  1. Magnification : 4x Object, 9.7x-140x; 10x Object, 231x-497x on 24" monitor
  2. Working Distance : 4x Object, 22 mm–290 mm; 10x Object, 10 mm-6.3 mm
  3. CMOS Sensor : 2M Pixels
  4. Interface of Output : 1080P Full HD @60 Hz
  5. Focus System : IR Remote Control, Alternative Auto and Manual Focus
  6. Multi-lighting Device : Adjustable Brightness Gooseneck Light and 4 Directions Light Control Ring Light
  7. Device Dimension : 66(W) x 68(D) x 152(H) mm
  8. Power Supply : DC 5V/2A, Cable Length : 180 cm
Item Q'ty Item Q'ty
DIGI Microscope (UM08-GN) 1 White Balance Card 1
HDMI Cable 1 IR Remote Control 1
Power Adaptor 1 User's Guide 1
Stand S106 1 Gooseneck Light GN-01 1
Stand assemble guide 1 LED Ring Light GN-06A 1
Object Lens 4X 1 LED Ring Light GN-09 Optional
Object Lens 10X Optional