USB Microscope

UM22 USB microscope, high-quality 4K autofocus camera module, magnifies 390 times to inspect micro samples; the resolution is very clear, including UM Viewer software, not only convenient measurement tools, but also automatic calibration function to improve measurement accuracy.

ViTiny UM22 USB microscope has built-in high-definition 4K camera module, magnifies 390X to clearly inspect micro samples. Its Backside Illumination CMOS with highly sensitive luminance to improve imaging quality under high ISO.  

At the same time, the CMOS photosensitive area is larger, which can fully absorb the incident light from a large angle. Through our matching technology of optimized lens and CMOS position, it greatly reduces noise and raise up image edge quality and depth of field.

It plugs into computer with USB cable, do manual or auto focus, UM Viewer software allows the user to view a live image, capture image, measuring and edit.
The 7-Section light source design can switch light direction to meet observation need, to lower light reflection and assist the observation of samples with a large depth of field.

Strong metal cabinet and smart design can be well used between different observative environment. Provided with an exclusive ball style universal connecter, the lens can be rotated flexibly, which increases the efficiency of observing a wide range of samples.  Also, its standard stand can adjust the height from bottom till top continuously, very convenient. Such a complete design is welcomed to professionals and consumers.

  1. Magnification : 9x–390x on 32" Monitor
  2. Working Distance : 13.7 mm–232 mm
  3. CMOS Sensor : 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  4. Light : Built-in 8 PCS LED with automatic software that controls the direction of the light source
  5. USB2.0 High-Speed Transmission
  6. Device Dimension : 48(W) x 64(D) x 150(H) mm
  7. Power Supply : Via USB Port 5V DC, Cable Length : 180 cm

           1. Software Function : Auto-Calibration, 2D Measurement, Image Comparison, etc.
           2. Software Platform : Windows(8、10、11), MacOS Big Sur or MacOS Ver 10.0+
           3. Device Platform : Windows & Mac

Item Q'ty Item Q'ty
USB Microscope (UM22) 1 White Balance Card 1
USB2.0 Cable 1 User's Guide 1
USB Y Cable 1 Calibrator 1
Stand S107 1 Rotatable attachment Optional
Stand assemble guide 1