Imaging System

VS-100 is a stand-alone microscope that can observe and measure. It supports Ethernet Internet access, and can directly store the microscopic photos to the cloud server, or live remote sharing of instant images.

VS-100 affords Stand-alone observation and measurement without connecting to PC, Plug-N-Play. Its optical structure support continuous autofocus and zoom 4.8x to 239x on built-in 11.6" monitor.
Allow Flexible switching 52.7 mm to 1.07 mm sized object samples.

VS-100 Microscope include top light, bottom light and side light, use with each other, to satisfy fast inspection of various materials of samples need.

More convenient is VS-100 has Ethernet interface that can save observative photo to cloud server directly, or share the observed live image with far away friends via SKYPE etc. Far distance friends can also operate VS-100 software via LAN. In case of Distance teaching, Quality discussion, LAB monitoring, they become very easy.

  1. Magnification : 4x Object, 4.8x - 67.4x;10x Object, 111x - 239x on 11.6" Monitor
  2. Working Distance : 4x Object, 282mm - 22mm;10x Object, 10mm - 6.3mm
  3. Field of View : 4x Object, 52.7mm - 3.8mm;10x Object, 2.3mm - 1.07mm
  4. CMOS Sensor : 2M Pixels
  5. USB3.0 port : Allow Connecting External Mouse, Keyboard, USB Disk etc.
  6. Illumination : Side, Top and Bottom Light
  7. SD Card Slot
  8. Via Ethernet to Connect Internet
  9. Built-in Measurment Software
  10. Device Dimension : 308(W) x 318(D) x 430(H)mm
  11. Power Supply : DC 12V/5A, Cable Length : 180cm

1. Software Function: Auto-Calibration, 2D Measurement, Subsidiary magnifier, far distance control etc
2. Software Platform: Android

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